Tom Adebahr

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My Personal Info

I am proud to work in one of the world’s fastest growing industries. My current job is Sales Director with XING, the European leading business network. My spare time priorities are family, gardening, photography and sports.

Personal Info
  • Name : Tom Adebahr
  • Age : 37 Years Old
  • Phone : +49 176 23774285
  • Email :
  • Adress : Hamburg
About me

I love my professional life with its focus on preparation, achievement and growth. I always run the extra mile and that is also what I seek to inspire in my team. Tshakka!

My Hobbies
No power without finding new limits
  • Sports

    This interest is also one of my weaknesses, because I want to be strong at everything. Don't invite me for doing a sport together and not challenge me. Why? You’ll find out!

  • Photography

    Why? Because photography is a language that is understood everywhere in the world.


Know Who I am

My experience has been earned mainly with fast growing internet start-ups. That's my business passion.

Graduate in Business Administration
  • Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts- Akademie (VWA)
  • Hamburg, Germany

Process optimising, Controlling, Marketing, Economy of states, Politic of Economics, Politic of Money, Politic of Exchange, Special economic policy, Emotional intelligence. Project Management, Moderation, Presentation, Customer Relationship Management, Channel of Sales, Methodic Management, Marketing (Price, Product, Distribution, Communication), Financing and Investment, Microeconomics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Organisation, Personal Management, Sales Economics

Education in Information Technology
  • Staatliche Schule für Energietechnik (G10)
  • Hamburg, Germany

Assembly and Installation Technologies, Technical Information Technology, Delphi, CSS, HTML, Application Development, English, Communications, OS's and Networks, Economy

Sales Director
  • XING
  • Germany
Sales Director Northern Europe
  • ePages GmbH
  • Hamburg, Germany


How Good I am

Without skills you cannot work efficiently and achieve ambitious goals. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and taking on challenges that allow me to earn new skills and better prepare me for increasingly important responsibilities.

Open Source
Website Builder
  • CRM
  • Priceportals
  • Software
  • Market places
  • Telcos
  • eCommerce
  • Product feeds
  • Hosting
  • IT
Warm calling
Key Accounting
Business Development
Strategic Selling
  • German
  • English
Big picture
Social Media
Famous Clients
Names you definitely know

Tom Adebahr is an outstanding Sales Director with a proven track record. Demonstrating a strong analytical mindset, excellent leadership qualities and profound knowledge of the industry, he strongly improved all key figures and overachieved even the ambitious goals that were set. I recommend Tom with full confidence not only for his professional qualities, but equally for his positive and dynamic personality.

Harald Schiffauer
Managing Director - GmbH

I can recommend Tom as a hardworking, straight-forward, and goal-driven sales leader. He’s one of the most positive and energetic people I have worked with. Tom’s great at motivating and leading teams, as well as convincing customers with his infectious enthusiasm. His “get things done” attitude has impressed many people. Tom is also a true digital native and ecommerce specialist. He is well connected in the German digital space.

Mrdjan Uzelac
VP Business Development - ePages GmbH

Tom has the rare and remarkable quality of truly thriving while working under pressure. When facing future, stressful challenges in my own responsibilities, I will call to mind his example for keeping a positive attitude and calmly focusing on constructive paths forward.

Chris Riley
Key Account Manager UK Nordics - ePages GmbH